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Spirit Cave

spirit cave

One of the most known is “Spirit Cave” because it’s an important archaeologist site, excavated by an American called Gorman Chester in 1965 and 1966.

This cave was occupied from about 9000 – 5500 BC by the Hoabinhian, who was hunters and gatherers

It’s located close to Mae Su Ya and Mai Sang Nam Village, between 600 and 700 m above the sea level in a limestone cliff face overlooking the valley of the Khong stream ( Lat 19° 34’ N by long 93°7 E ) 110 km west of Soppong on the 1095 main road on Mae Hong Son direction.

They found some flaked stone tools including unifacial discoid, animal bones ( Dears ) and some resin covered pottery dated about 7500 BD.

Considered the biggest and deepest sinkhole in Thailand with the size as long as 2 football field. The most amazing part is the 140 meters depth measured from the opening to the lowest point.

The only way in and out is by 1 hour rappelling down and 2 hours climbing up the ropes.

Once reaching the floor of the sinkhole, you’ll be stunned by thousands of beautiful stalactites in different size on the ceiling of this vast cave, you may feel like you have journeyed back to the prehistoric era.