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Karen Hand Weaving

This traditional method of making clothing and accessories has been used for generations and is a major source of income for many Karen Hill Tribe villagers.

Located only 6 km from Pen Cave Homestay. It’s is a easy dat trip and fantastic cultural experience.

This blog is made available to introduce you the awesome work done by the women from the hill tribe Karen village of Ban Muang Peam and moreover.

This traditional method of making clothing and accessories is a major heritage which has been used for generations. Therefore wearing traditional clothing participate in the pride of belonging to an ethnic group.

From beginning, who start in the cotton field till the final adjustment of clothing, the process is entirely self supported by the villagers who have learnt the skill that have been passed down for generations. It’s also a major income source for many Karen hill tribe villagers.

This can sometimes take several weeks create these accessories and clothes and it’s a easy day trip and fantastic cultural experience not to be missed out.

A big thank you to Mrs. Lam Yom who permit to achieve these photos and many encouragement to make last the tradition.