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About Soppong Area

If Pai is the party town, then Soppong is its quiet nature-loving younger sibling. Interchangeably called Pang Mapha after the district name, Soppong is halfway between Pai and Mae Hong Son on the 1095 road which is well known to be the most winding road in Thailand with about 1800 curves.

Soppong comes alive every Tuesday, with the local market where the hill tribes from all ethnics come from nearby villages to sell their artifacts, handicraft, vegetables and fruits.

In the past this spot used to be the main place to sell buffalo and cows.

It’s a gorgeous region composed by mountains and karst hills where all outdoors activities can be organized at all time.

For the caving enthusiast, Soppong or Pang Mapha district has more than 200 caves within the 50 km around the town where 5 of which are over 4 km long with world class formations and some other cannot be explored because of archaeologist research.

There is also plenty of other treats such as some good rafting and kayaking opportunities, and the stunningly scenic hinterland is dotted with dozens of Lisu, Karen, Lahu and Shan villages.

Most of these are easy to reach and can be visited on organized treks.