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A visiting to Karen Village

Baan Muang Pam

As an outsider looking in, the village of Baan Muang Pam seems idyllic. Perched high up on a hillside in picturesque Mae Hong Son province, this appears to be a location far removed from the stresses of modern-day life. But the Karen hill-tribe village is facing a battle for survival with the traditional way of life here under threat.

The isolation of the village in this scenic part of north-west Thailand is part of the charm. But if you are a young person growing up in one of these remote hill-tribe villages, you face a stark choice when it comes to finding work and earning a living.

Many of the younger generation make the choice to move away to the city in search of more opportunities. But there is an alternative. An alternative which is slowly but surely turning the tide and encouraging young people in local communities like Baan Muang Pam that there is a positive future in the village. And it’s thanks to Community Based Tourism (CBT) initiatives.